Anonymous asked: How are you pretty girl? <3

i’m good thanks for asking :) i don’t know when i received this sorry it took me a while to answer! i hope you’re doing great too xxx

Anonymous asked: pffffft you look great in all of your photos!

awww thanks you’re lovely xx

Anonymous asked: Don't worry love, have I done that about every day this week, I think so, do I feel heavier...absolutely not! I just feel so rejuvenated and energised and full of life! You go girl, eat that fruit!xxxx

hahaha yeee good for you :) i wish i could do that but i would have to eat less acid fruits because they hurt my throat hahaha

hello helloooo i’m sorry i haven’t been on tumblr for more than a week i think, i had to go to the hospital because my heart got a little weird but everything was ok and i’m fine :) i just took a little break from the internet after that but i guess i’m back!

Anonymous asked: I wouldn't call it a binge! Your body is going to thank you so so much! Keep it all in and you will probably wake up with a tonne of energy tommorow and feel great:) xx

aww thanks :) i’ve managed to keep it for the moment because like you said i probably needed those vitamins lol but it was definitely a binge like way over 2000 cals (yep i can eat that much fruit in one sitting, its actually one of my secret super power)