Anonymous asked: You know what sweetie. Get your ill little booty out of bed, and go make a snack. Doesn't have to be big, just some fuel for your body to fight the virus! Be it a banana or some carrots, or even a small bowl of soup. You will thank yourself for it, trust me, your body can over come this, just needs a little helping hand from you! If that is too much, boil the kettle, squeeze some lemon juice in to a mug with a little honey or whatever. Just some for your cells to use xxxxxxxxxxx

aww this is such a cute message! sorry i didn’t see it earlier, i finally decided to eat a granola bar because i felt like my blood sugar was low and it made me feel a bit better! but thank you for your tips you’re lovely xxxxxxx


so i’ve been sick for the last two days, but at least it has improved my eating a little bit because i can’t stand an empty stomach and i don’t have the energy to b/p so i guess that’s a good thing!
it’s 1 pm and so far i’ve had: 2 watermelon slices, 3 little potatoes with butter and a small glass of chocolate soy milk!

its only 6 pm and i already feel like i’m going to die if i don’t eat anything but i feel like i’ve ate too much today and omg i just want to sleep until tomorrow…

Anonymous asked: How are you feeling today cutie? <3

not really well :( I’ve been sick for the last two days and haven’t left my bed.. but thanks for asking :) hope you’re having a good day xxx